Drain Clean & Camera Inspection

HL Plumbing QLD is a family-owned and operated professional plumbing company with many years of experience clearing blocked drains in Australia.

Our industry-leading high equipment allows us to quickly diagnose problems and clean drains from small residential areas to heavy-duty industries. We are not ordinary plumbers, we are drainage experts!
Your property’s drains and pipes will naturally block up over time, but when you know the warning signs to look for and call the right professional, you can often avoid the costly catastrophe of complete blockage. A quick and simple cleaning may be enough.

There are many common reasons for a drainage survey, including poor drainage or frequent blockages in your drainage system.

Our range of cameras inspection can precisely monitor your pipeline. We collate the information and provide you with a written report with images on a personalized USB stick for your records.

Common reasons for drainage studies:

  1. Structural damage, building displacement or wall cracks.
  2. The drain is blocked or frequently blocked.
  3. Before buying a new property.

We have the latest drainage cameras to monitor the health of your drainage. We can identify any problems we have using our locator and can inspect drains from 50mm to 375mm in diameter.